If this wasn’t a major “Judy Blume” moment…

In S1E8, Lorelai tells Max that Lane is going to spend the night at the Gilmore house. Lorelai comments, “I swear to God, if this wasn’t a major ‘Judy Blume’ moment, I would kick her cute little butt right out of here.”

Judy Blume is an award-winning author of many popular children’s and young adult novels. Her books deal frankly with issues of growing up, including sex, divorce, and bullying.


You also knew that you wanted to marry Errol Flynn.

In S1E8, Emily is telling Rory about her wedding. Emily says, “I knew from the time I was twelve that I wanted lilies and orchids with a silver bow wrapped around them for my bouquet.” Richard snorts and says, “You also knew that you wanted to marry Errol Flynn.” Rory says, “Really? Grandma had a thing for the pirate guy?”

Errol Flynn was an actor in the early twentieth century, known for his many  swashbuckling roles. He played Robin Hood in the 1938 film “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” as well as the pirate Peter Blood in the 1935 film “Captain Blood.”

Junior League

In S1E8, Emily tells Lorelai that Rory should probably stay in Hartford overnight because of a snowstorm. Lorelai tells Rory, “Alright now honey, tell Grandma that you arrived there not a member of the Junior League; I’d like you to leave there the same way.”

The Junior League is an international non-profit organization of women dedicated to volunteering and charity work. It boasts many prominent women among its members, including Nancy Reagan, Shirley Temple, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Julia Child.

Gold lasso and invisible plane

In S1E8, Emily calls Lorelai to warn her about the bad road conditions but still expects Lorelai to make it to Hartford for dinner. Lorelai says, “Well, uh, gee Mom, I don’t know, let me see. Black ice, treacherous roads, I guess I’ll just put on my red, white, and blue leotard, grab my golden lasso, and fly the invisible plane on over?”

The leotard, lasso, and invisible plane belong to Wonder Woman, a superheroine created by DC comics. The gold lasso, also called the “Lasso of Truth,” forces anyone caught it in to obey its wielder. The invisible plane was initially used by Wonder Woman frequently, but once she gained the ability to fly, the plane rarely appeared.

I’ll get the ark; you get the animals.

In S1E8, Emily calls Lorelai and tells her that a big storm is coming. Lorelai replies, “Well, don’t panic. I’ll get the ark; you get the animals.”

The story of Noah’s Ark is found in the ancient book of Genesis. In the story, God tells Noah to build a huge ark, or boat. When it’s built, God sends pairs of animals to the ark to be saved from a global flood. Noah and his family also board the ark and are saved while the rest of the world drowns. Similar stories are found in the Quran and the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Jane Austen, Hunter Thompson, Charlotte Bronte

In S1E8, Dean hands Rory a Jane Austen book that he just finished reading. Rory asks if he liked it and he says, “Well, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.” Rory replies, “Ah hah! You liked it. You liked Jane Austen. I knew you would.” Rory tells Lane, who is distinctly unexcited, then Rory continues, “I told him he would, but he was all, ‘Forget Jane Austen, you have to read Hunter Thompson.'” A minute later, Dean discovers the cookies that Rory brought for him. He says, “Wow, she brings me cookies! How can I repay her?” Rory replies, “How about a little Charlotte Bronte?”

Jane Austen was an English writer whose 6 novels, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Emma, Mansfield Park, and Persuasion, are all classics. Most of her novels are centered around 18th century English society and the romantic conventions of the day.

Hunter Thompson was an American writer in the 20th century who founded “gonzo journalism,” a style in which the journalist is part of the story and gives their personal perspective. He is most famous for traveling with the Hell’s Angels motorcyclists for a year.

Charlotte Bronte was an English writer who is best known for her classic novel “Jane Eyre,” published in 1847.


Does he still wear that Star Trek shirt?

In S1E8, Lane is telling Rory about a boy she likes, Rich Bloominfeld. Rory asks, “Does he still wear the Star Trek shirt?”

Star Trek is a cult classic that began as a television show in 1966. The franchise expanded to include films, spin-off shows, comics, cartoons, and books. The story is based around a spaceship called “Enterprise” and its peace-loving crew. Star Trek fans are called “Trekkies.”

Hey babe. Sgt. Pepper.

In S1E8, Rory and Lane are talking in the lobby of the Inn. Lorelai walks up and says, “Hey babe,” to Rory, then “Sgt. Pepper,” to Lane.

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” was the Beatles’ 8th studio album, released in 1967. The Beatles created this iconic alter ego to explore broader musical styles. The fictional Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is based on the idea of a military band. Most marching band uniforms, including Lane’s, are based on military band uniforms.

I’m reading a paper entitled, “Emily Dickenson: Get a Life.”

In S1E8, Lorelai sneaks downstairs at night to listen to a voicemail that Max left. In his message, he says, “It’s now 2 o’clock in the afternoon on Thursday, and I’m in my office grading a paper entitled, ‘Emily Dickinson: Get a Life.'”

Emily Dickinson was a classic American poet who was known to be extremely introverted. She stayed at home most of her adult life due to her mother’s illness, her own agoraphobia, and simply to care for her house. Dickinson was known to speak to people from behind doors and didn’t even attend her father’s memorial service. Her prolific writing was mostly unknown until it was discovered after her death.