By the time that gets to Miss Patty’s, it’s a scene from “9 1/2 Weeks.”

In S1E7, Lorelai finally confronts Rory about her kiss with Dean. Lorelai says, “You didn’t think you were going to be able to keep it a secret, did you? You were making out in the market.” Rory protests, “We weren’t making out. It was just one kiss.” Lorelai reponds, “Yeah, well, by the time that gets to Miss Patty’s, it’s a scene from ‘9 1/2 Weeks.'”

“9 1/2 Weeks” is a 1986 romantic film about a dysfunctional sexual affair between a Wall Street broker and an art gallery employee.


She sat there screaming for 3 hours, “I want my life back.”

In S1E7, Dean asks if he can recommend “Boogie Nights” for the next movie night. Rory responds, “You’ll never get it past Lorelai.” “Not a Marky Mark fan?” Dean asks. Rory says, “She had a bad reaction to ‘Magnolia.’ She sat there screaming for 3 hours, ‘I want my life back,’ and then we got kicked out of the theater. It was actually a pretty entertaining day.”

“Marky Mark” is Mark Wahlberg, an actor whose career actually began in music with the hip hop group “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.” After several years of getting into trouble, Wahlberg broke into acting and started redeeming his image. “Boogie Nights” was one of his first film successes.

“Magnolia” doesn’t feature Marky Mark, but it was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who also wrote and directed “Boogie Nights.”

I’ve never seen “The Way We Were.”

In S1E7, Lorelai and Rory are teasing Dean by making up embarrassing secrets for him. Lorelai says, “Ooh, I’ve got one. Um, at the end of ‘The Way We Were,’ you wanted Robert Redford to dump his wife and kid for Barbra Streisand.” Dean replies, “I’ve never seen ‘The Way We Were.'”

“The Way We Were” is a 1973 romantic film starring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford. It takes place from the 1930’s to the 1950’s; Streisand plays a Jewish activist who supports the Soviets, and Redford plays a privileged All-American writer whose lives intersect several times.

The theme from “Ice Castles” makes you cry.

In S1E7, Lorelai tells Dean, “So, come on Dean, tell us some of your embarrassing secrets.” Dean responds, “Well, I, I have no embarrassing secrets.”  “I bet I know one,” Rory offers, “The theme from ‘Ice Castles’ makes you cry.” Dean adamantly denies it.

“Ice Castles” is a 1978 romantic film about a figure skater who suffers an accident. The theme song is “Through the Eyes of Love” by Melissa Manchester.

Don’t even get me started on your Prince Charming crush, okay?

In S1E7, Rory teases Lorelai about “having a thing” for Oompa Loompas. Lorelai counters, “Don’t even get me started on your Prince Charming crush, okay? At least my obsessions are live. You have a thing for a cartoon.” Dean replies, “Oooh, Prince Charming, huh?” Rory says with a smile, “It was a long time ago. And not the Cinderella one, the Sleeping Beauty one.”

Rory is talking about Disney’s animated classic fairytale films. The Prince Charming from Cinderella looks like this:

PC Cinderella

While the Prince Charming from Sleeping Beauty, also known as Prince Phillip, looks like this:

PC SLeeping Beauty

And that Chuck Heston chin o’ his!

In S1E7, Babette meets Dean for the first time and tells Lorelai, after Dean leaves, “Oooh is he cute! And that ‘Chuck Heston’ chin o’ his!”

Charleton “Chuck” Heston was an actor during the second half of the 20th century. He played Moses in the 1956 film “The Ten Commandments” and won an Oscar for starring in “Ben-Hur.” Heston also served in WWII and was a political activist, first as a Democrat and later as a Republican.

Maybe he’s just late, Miss German Train!

In S1E7, Rory and Lorelai are waiting for Dean to arrive for their movie night, but he’s late. Rory says, “Maybe something happened. Maybe he’s not coming!” Lorelai responds, “Maybe he’s just late, Miss German Train!”

This is a weird reference, for sure. I think Lorelai is just talking about the stereotype that the Deutsch Bahn and Inter-City Express trains in Germany always run on time. Germans tend to be punctual. Plenty of people contest the veracity of this claim, but it remains a stereotype nonetheless.

You’re like a crazy Elsa Klensch!

In S1E7, Lorelai is helping Rory decide what to wear for their movie night with Dean. Lorelai tells her, “Dab on some lip gloss, clear but fruity, maybe a little mascara. Wear your hair down and your attitude high!” Rory exclaims, “You’re like a crazy Elsa Klensch!”

Elsa Klensch was a journalist who hosted a CNN show called “Style with Elsa Klensch” from 1980 to 2001. She was a pioneer in the world of television fashion segments, often traveling to international fashion capitals for her reporting.

No James Dean jokes, no father-with-a-shotgun stares…

In S1E7, Rory is warning Lorelai about meeting Dean. Rory says, “No kissing noises, no stories from my childhood, no referring to Chicago as ‘Chi-town,’ no James Dean jokes, no father-with-a-shotgun stares, no Nancy Walker impressions.” Lorelai responds in her best Nancy Walker voice, “Oh, come on!”

James Dean was an actor known for his role in the 1955 film “Rebel Without a Cause.” Already considered an American icon, he was killed in a car crash at only 24.

Nancy Walker was a comedic actress and singer, known for the 1970’s sitcoms “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Rhoda.”

I am going to be so cool in there, you will mistake me for Shaft.

In S1E7, Lorelai and Rory are standing outside Doose’s market, and Rory doesn’t want Lorelai to go in and meet Dean. Lorelai, trying to convince Rory that she’ll be fine, says, “I am going to be so cool in there, you will mistake me for Shaft.”

John Shaft is a fictional private detective from the 1971 film “Shaft,” as well as subsequent remakes and sequels. Considered super cool and suave, he is probably best described by the “Shaft” theme song (lyrics don’t begin until abut 3:00):