What, did David Mamet just stop by?

In S1E18, Emily is trying to find all the awful gifts her mother-in-law has given her over the years. She rants about the “lion tables and stupid naked angels with their butts!” Lorelai says, “Woah! Stupid naked angel butts? What, did David Mamet just stop by?”

David Mamot is an American playwright and screenwriter, known for “Sexual Perversity in Chicago,” “Glengarry Glen Ross,”  and “The Verdict.” Mamot does have a rather distinctive style for writing dialogue, although I’m not sure “stupid naked angel butts” really fits. Lorelai could be connecting Emily’s use of language to “Sexual Perversity in Chicago,” which is full of profanity and insults.


One thought on “What, did David Mamet just stop by?

  1. I’m glad this blog is here. I’m disappointed though I didn’t find a definitive answer to the David Mamet line. A big Mamet fan, I took my girlfriend to see Oleanna in Chicago the night I had planned to propose to her. Hah! It was a combination of the play and dreadful weather that led to my postponing the proposal until the next morning. Much better, it took place at our favorite breakfast spot -the second Wishbone, by the old Harpo Studios- just as the firefighters were arriving to put a wastecan fire out in the office next to the kitchen. It was far more romantic and memorable than plan A.

    Anyway, I’m sharing all of this because 23 years later I happen to be passing our bedroom as my then-girlfriend-now-wife and our daughter are watching Gilmore Girls -their new Saturday night pre-SNL thing- when this episode comes along and mentions Mamet so peculiarly.

    Life is good.

    (I still look forward to finding out what the writers intended.)


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