Camelot is truly dead.

In S1E18, Emily gives a passionate speech about the Kennedy’s dinner conversation and the Gilmore’s intelligence and requests dinner conversation. When Lorelai’s reply is, “Do you know that a butt model makes $10,000 a day?” Emily comments, “Camelot is truly dead.”

Camelot is the fictional, romantic home of King Arthur. It is a term sometimes used to describe John F. Kennedy’s presidency. The comparison was created by Jackie Kennedy shortly after JFK’s assassination, when she said in an interview that John had liked the musical “Camelot,” especially the line, “Don’t ever let it be forgot, that once there was a spot for one brief shining moment that was Camelot.” Jackie herself said “there will never be another Camelot.” In doing this, she secured her husband’s legacy as a peaceful, benevolent, almost ideal president. Here’s a great article that goes more in-depth into the phenomenon of JFK’s Camelot.


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