Because I’ve read every Nancy Drew mystery ever written!

In S1E16, Lorelai is pestering Rory for more details about her breakup with Dean. Lorelai says, “Honey, he did not plan an entire romantic evening, complete with dinner and a… junkyard, which we’ll get back to later, and then suddenly decide to dump you for no reason!” Rory asks, “How do you know?” Lorelai answers, “Because I’ve read every Nancy Drew mystery ever written! The one about the Amish country twice!”

Nancy Drew mysteries are a series of novels written by Caroline Keene, which is actually a pseudonym used by several authors. The series was published from 1930 until 2004. The main character, Nancy, is a high school student who solves mysteries with her friends, Bess and George.

“The one about the Amish country” is called “The Witch Tree Symbol,” in which Nancy and her friends travel to an Amish community in Pennsylvania to locate some stolen antiques. The thief paints Nancy as a witch, and she has to overcome the community’s suspicions to track down and return the stolen goods. Funnily enough, many people consider this novel to be one of the worst in the series.


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