Miles and miles and miles!

In S1E16, Lorelai tries to escape her dinner conversation with Chase Bradford by saying she will get Richard some more roast. Chase says, “Well, hurry back. I simply have to know what the allure of this Stars Hollow is I’ve heard so much about.” Lorelai responds with a tense smile, “Miles and miles and miles!”

The Who’s number top single in the U.S. was “I Can See for Miles,” first released in 1967.  It features the line, “I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles.” We can’t really get inside Lorelai’s head to find out why she chose to quote this particular song, but I would guess that it sounded like a plausible enough answer that Chase wouldn’t question ( as in “you can see for miles around” OR “there are miles and miles of great things in Stars Hollow”) with the added benefit of the smug satisfaction that  Chase wouldn’t catch her reference. Lorelai loves to reference pop culture to people who won’t understand it (see “I tried to call it Al“).


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