That’s right! Leopold and Loeb.

In S1E16, Emily introduces Lorelai to Chase Bradford at Friday night dinner. He tells Lorelai that he grew up around the corner from Emily and Richard, and Lorelai says, “Oh, the one with the Dobermans!” Chase replies, “That’s right, Leopold and Loeb. Although I’m afraid they passed on quite a few years ago.”

Leopold and Loeb were two students at the University of Chicago who kidnapped and killed a teenager in 1924 in an attempt to carry out the “perfect crime.” Their full names were Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb. Their trial attracted a lot of media attention, and possibly thanks to the 12-hour speech that Loeb’s lawyer gave at the end of the hearing, both boys ended up with life sentences instead of the death penalty. Leopold was actually released on parole after 34 years, but Loeb was killed in prison.


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