And she’s looking at him like he’s Johnny Depp

In S1E16, Lorelai is ranting to Rory about how she made a fool of herself in front of Luke’s ex-girlfriend, Rachel. She says, “And he’s looking at her like she’s Miss September, and she’s looking and him like he’s Johnny Depp, and I was just babbling like a moron. What is wrong with me?” Lorelai proceeds to yank on Rory’s hair too hard and gets kicked off “hair duty.”

Johnny Depp is an American actor who rose to fame on the 1980s TV series “21 Jump Street.” He also acted in many successful films in the 1990s, including “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?,” “Benny and Joon,” and “Edward Scissorhands.” Since this episode aired, Johnny has become even more popular through the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, “Sweeney Todd,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and many others.


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