Cleopatra, Queen of Denial

In S1E16, Rory hints at Lorelai that she should call Max, since Max hasn’t called her yet. Rory says, “You know you have a phone, also.” Lorelai tries to change the subject by saying, “How’s it coming with that pan?” Rory responds, “Cleopatra, queen of denial.”

Cleopatra VII was the second-to-last pharaoh of Egypt before it came under the control of the Roman Empire in 30 BC. Her son, Caesarion, whose father was Julius Caesar, ruled with her from 44 BC until her death in 30 BC (she and Mark Antony both committed suicide after they lost a battle to Octavian).

Anyway, the joke has nothing to do with her actual rule, it’s just that the Nile River runs through Egypt, so Cleopatra was literally the Queen of the Nile. Oh, puns…


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