She throws herself under a train!

In S1E16, Dean is waiting for Rory at the Stars Hollow bus stop. When she arrives, she asks him, “So?” Dean replies, “It’s depressing.” Rory counters, “It’s beautiful!” Dean says, “She throws herself under a train!” Rory says, “But I bet she looked great doing it.”

Anna Karenina is a novel by Leo Tolstoy, published from 1876-1877 in a Russian magazine. The main character, Anna, is a member of the Russian elite who falls in love with Vronsky, a flirtatious count. A series of events tear Anna apart: her affair with Vronsky alienates her from high society, her husband refuses to divorce her, and she becomes paranoid that Vronsky is having an affair with someone else. Anna eventually commits suicide by throwing herself under a train.


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