Last night was Chernobyl and the Hindenburg combined!

In S1E15, Christopher wants to talk to Lorelai about their crazy night, which consisted of a huge fight between their parents followed by Christopher and Lorelai sleeping together. Lorelai says, “Ah hah, last night was Chernobyl and the Hindenburg combined!”

(Has anyone else noticed that Lorelai references a lot more history when she’s upset?)

The Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear meltdown that occurred in 1986 in Ukraine. 31 people quickly died from the explosion and fallout, but thousands more died from cancer in the years to follow. An estimated 100,000 square kilometers were strongly affected by the radiation.

The Hindenburg was a German zeppelin that exploded in 1937 just before it was supposed to land in New Jersey. 36 people were killed. Footage of the event was widely broadcast:


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