I screwed up their big “Citizen Kane” plans

In S1E15, Lorelai is telling Rory that Christopher’s parents were saying mean things about her, Lorelai, not Rory. Rory says, “They were directing them to you because you had me.” Lorelai responds, “No, they were directing them at me because I screwed up their big ‘Citizen Kane’ plans, that’s all.”

Citizen Kane is a 1941 film directed by (and starring) Orson Welles. The story reveals details about the life of a man named Charles Kane, who was sort of pushed by his mother into becoming a powerful businessman: well-connected, successful, but unethical. He built a newspaper empire, ran for office, cheated on his wife, etc. but in the end, you suspect that all he had really wanted was a normal, quiet life.


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