I’m dumbin’ it down for you, Alfalfa!

In S1E15, Kirk is heckling Dean and Luke as they’re playing softball (Kirk is just watching). Kirk makes up some insult about Dean and Luke having a show called “Zero and Zero,” and Luke says, “That doesn’t even resemble clever.” Kirk calls, “I’m dumbin’ it down for you, Alfalfa!”

Alfalfa is the name of a character who originally appeared in the short film series “Our Gang” in the early twentieth century, which was adapted into the movie “Little Rascals” in 1994. He was played by Carl Switzer in the short films and Bug Hall in the 1994 film. The stories centered around the antics and adventures of a group of young children (who act comically grown-up). Alfalfa is usually remembered for his cowlick and off-key singing.


2 thoughts on “I’m dumbin’ it down for you, Alfalfa!

  1. Prior to this part of this part in the episode there are two references:

    Surfing Rincon
    “Why does your dad have more faith in me than you?” “My father hit his head surfing in Rincon a couple years ago. His judgement’s a little off…

    Rincon is a surf spot located at the Ventura and Santa Barbara County line in Southern California, USA. Also known as the “Queen of the Coast”, Rincon is one of the most famous surf spots in California, known around the world for its well-formed waves and long rides. Rincon Point is home to the Rincon Classic surf championship scheduled for January each year.

    Pinky Tuscadero T-shirt
    “You’re the guy that crashed his Porsche two hours after his parents gave it to him for …” “And you were the girl in the Pinky Tuscadero t-shirt sitting right next to me.”

    Carol “Pinky” Tuscadero was Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli’s girlfriend on the hit television series Happy Days. She was a ‘daredevil cyclist’ and was played by actress Roz Kelly.


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