Beethoven? The one with the dog?

In S1E12, Lane is at the movies with Dean’s friend Todd, and Lane asks if he has a favorite movie. Todd says excitedly, “Beethoven!” Lane, looking disappointed, says, “Beethoven. The one with the dog?” Todd explains, “There’s this scene where this little dog is running around with a huge cabbage in its mouth. Oh man, it’s classic. I shot my Dr. Pepper right out of my nose!”

“Beethoven” is a 1992 film about the adventures of a St. Bernard dog. It features slapstick comedy mostly geared toward little kids.  There have been 8 Beethoven movies so far, with a 9th one rumored to be in pre-production. For the life of me, I cannot find a clip of the scene Todd is talking about, but it sounds more like “Beethoven’s 2nd,” the 1993 sequel with lots of puppies.


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