The chick who shot the skier?

In S1E12, Rory and Lane are listening to Lane’s new Claudine Longet album. Lorelai gasps and says, “The chick who shot the skier?” Rory replies, “Um, sure, why not?” Lorelai says, “Wow! Renaissance woman!”

Claudine Longet is a French musician who was popular in the 60’s and 70’s. In 1976, she was charged with the negligent homicide of her boyfriend, Olympic skier Vladmir Sabich. She claimed that a gun went off accidentally while Sabich was teaching her to use it. Evidence seemed to contradict Longet’s story, but most of it was obtained using illegal methods and thus was not admissible in court. Longet only served 30 days in jail.

A Renaissance woman is generally used to describe a woman with a wide variety of interests and skills. Lorelai meant it as a joke that Claudine Longet could be a talented musician and shoot her boyfriend.


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