Have you seen “The Outsiders?” Just call me “Ponyboy.”

In S1E9, Rory and Dean are driving to Rory’s dance, but Rory is having second thoughts. She says to Dean, “These kids at my school? Awful. Have you seen ‘The Outsiders?'” Dean says, “Yeah, I have.” Rory replies, “Just call me ‘Ponyboy.'”

“The Outsiders” is a 1967 novel by S.E. Hinton, adapted into film in 1983. The story centers around a gang of low-income high school boys and their wealthy rivals. The gangs are brutal, getting into knife fights and repeatedly trying to kill each other. Ponyboy, the narrator, is a young gang member who is close to much of the fighting but survives thanks to the sacrifices of his brothers and friends.


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