You know, they have a new Lucky.

In S1E7, Lorelai is sitting with Rory in the diner, trying to get Rory to admit that she kissed Dean. Lorelai goes on a rant about General Hospital to bring up the subject of kissing:

“I was watching General Hospital the other day, and you know, they have a new Lucky, because the old Lucky went to go play something where he could have a real name. So, the old Lucky had this new girlfriend Liz, who thought that he died…” “but still, Liz was so upset about his supposed death that you could not wait to see them kiss, you know?”

Rory simply replies, “When do you have time to watch General Hospital?”

General Hospital is a soap opera produced by ABC. It is the longest running American soap opera and Hollywood’s longest running television serial. GH premiered in 1963.

“Lucky” is the character Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr., played by 3 actors throughout the show: Jonathan Jackson, Jacob Young, and Greg Vaughan. During Season 1 of Gilmore Girls, Jonathan Jackson would have just left the show, and Jacob Young would be the “new Lucky” that Lorelai was talking about.


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