Go totally modern “Cinderella.”

In S1E6, Lorelai shows Rory the birthday dresses that Emily bought for them. They feature several layers of dark green and black tulle. Lorelai suggests, “Maybe we should really embrace the whole ‘tulle’ thing, go totally modern ‘Cinderella.’ What do you think? It’s your birthday.”

If anyone doesn’t know who Cinderella is, my first question is how you’ve managed to see an episode of Gilmore Girls before even knowing about classic fairy tales. However, you don’t need to know much about Cinderella to understand this reference. All you need to know is that in the classic Disney animated film, Cinderella is given a Victorian-esque ball gown with a huge  skirt. Cinderella’s dress probably would have been supported by a stiff cotton or linen crinoline, but modern crinolines are often made with tulle instead.


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