Like the Iran-Contra scandal.

In S1E5, Rory finds out that Lorelai arranged a date with Max without telling Rory. She says she’s angry because Lorelai lied to her. Lorelai clarifies, “I kept information from you.” Rory yells, “Information that I should’ve had!” Lorelai counters, “Information that would’ve come out eventually, like the Iran-Contra scandal.” Rory says, “So you’re Oliver North!” Lorelai replies, “No, I’m Fawn Hall.”

The Iran-Contra scandal, sometimes called “Irangate” or “Contragate,” was a series of secret political actions that took place during Reagan’s second Presidential term. The Reagan administration helped provide arms to Iran, and some funds from the sale were diverted to Contra militant groups in Honduras. The actions helped to free American hostages in Lebanon, but both the sale of arms to Iran and the funding of Contra groups were illegal at the time.

Oliver North was a member of the National Security Council who was largely blamed for the scandal. Fawn Hall was his secretary, who was charged with conspiracy and destroying documents. Both were given immunity.


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