In this age of MTV and 100 television channels…

In S1E3, Emily Gilmore pulls off an MTV reference when talking to Lorelai about Rory’s golf outing with Richard. “I mean in this age of MTV and 100 television channels,” Emily says, “who would’ve imagined that a young girl could still get a thrill spending a simple afternoon with her grandfather?” Lorelai responds, “That wine would be real good right now, Mom.”

Remember when 100 television channels sounded like a lot? Wait, remember when television shows were actually on channels and not websites?

MTV (Music Television) is an influential channel that began in 1981 with the goal of playing music videos hosted by video jockeys, similar to the way a radio plays songs with radio hosts. The channel eventually branched out to include other types of shows and programming. The channel has been criticized for a variety of reasons, including:

-Allowing Marilyn Manson videos

-A 1993 fire which was blamed on the influence of MTV’s show “Beavis and Butthead

-“Promoting” sex and drugs

-Censoring objectionable content in videos




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