They might’ve added a “Magdalene” to it.

In S1E2, Lorelai explains to Rory why everyone at school is calling her “Mary.” It means “Virgin Mary,” because they think Rory looks like a goody-goody. Rory asks Lorelai, “What would they have called me if they thought I looked like a slut?” Lorelai responds, “Well, they might’ve added a ‘Magdalene’ to it.”

The Virgin Mary reference is obvious, but why Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene is mentioned in the Bible as a follower of Jesus. Jesus drove 7 demons out of her, and she was among the first to witness Jesus’ resurrection. In medieval times, an idea arose that Mary Magdalene was a former prostitute-turned-disciple or that she was promiscuous. However, these ideas are not supported by any Biblical text. There was a prostitute named Mary who anointed Jesus’ feet with oil, but nothing indicates that Mary the prostitute was Mary Magdalene. Nevertheless, the idea of Mary Magdalene as a prostitute has prevailed for hundreds of years.


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